This webpage is designed especially for the students of the University of Cambridge who have chosen J7 (Literary Japanese) as an option in the second year of their University degree in Japanese Studies. It is meant to complement the Moodle Page for this paper and focusses solely on the study of premodern Japanese grammar.


If you are not currently enrolled in our BA in Japanese studies, you cannot access the contents of this webpage. But if you are interested in studying premodern Japanese with us, there are a number of ways.

  1. Apply for an undergraduate course in Japanese Studies with us at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (The University of Cambridge).
  2. If you are currently a final-year undergraduate student or a graduate student elsewhere, join our Graduate Summer School in Early-modern Japanese palaeography.

For further information please contact Dr Laura Moretti at: lm571@cam.ac.uk

Moretti -wahon

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